20.01.2021. SET4BIO Innovation Challenge

The Innovation Challenge

Innnovation Challenge

Do you want to contribute to renewable fuels and bioenergy?

Do you have an innovative solution for producing renewable fuels or bioenergy?

Transform your novel ideas into value adding solutions! Take the chance to participate in the one-year SET4BIO Innovation Challenge to get support for the development of your solution, to meet stakeholders in the sector, and to get the opportunity to be matched with suitable funding opportunities.


Objectives of the Innovation Challenge 


The Innovation Challenge is directed towards creating innovations that stimulate increased production and use of bioenergy and renewable fuels.

To selectedinnovators, the SET4BIO Innovation Challenge will provide the following major opportunities:

  • Engage innovators in developing innovative proposals for solutionsthat stimulate and increase the possibility of producing and using bioenergy and renewable fuels by also implementing the EU Green Deal Vision.
  • Accelerating the development of their solutionvia 5 virtual events
  • Assessing the solution with a final demonstration day 
  • Match innovators with innovative solutionswith potential funding opportunities.

For the challenge, we inviteinnovatorsthat with their solutions address at least one of thesix + two value chainsfor bioenergy and advanced renewable fuels as described by ETIP Bioenergy. 

Download theOne-Pager Information Flyer here.

The Challenge Process

From mid-November 2020 this webpage will enable interested teams of innovators to submit applications for participation in the Challenge. These submissions will be reviewed using the three criteria of Relevance of the Concept to the Challenge scope, its Potential and the Innovators Capacity. Selected teams will be invited to the SET4BIO Innovation Challenge process, starting April 2021. 

Between April and November, six Events are provided to support participating teams to develop the Concepts towards the final. Each Event is preceded of a preparation phase in which the teams work with their Concepts in association to the theme of the event.  

The Challenge is divided into the following stages:

  1. Application for participation
  2. Screening of applicants: A screening of Concepts will be made by the Organisers to select the most promising Concepts to be accepted to enter the Challenge
  3. Virtual Kick-off: At this stage, information to the Entrants, including more information about the challenge to be addressed in the SET4BIO initiative, the value chains in focus, and general information about the Challenge will be provided through a dedicated event
  4. Virtual Events: Four virtual events to support the Entrants in developing the Concepts will be scheduled. The Events are focused on value chain contribution, innovation height, business viability and scalability, respectively. Each virtual event is preceeded by a preparation phase and followed by a post-event phase to ensure concept acceleration.
  5. Final Event: The presentation of Concepts by the Entrants to the Jury will be done. The evaluation of best Concepts will be performed by a Jury and the winners will be officially presented.

Continuously throughout the one-year process, the team will:

  1. receive feedback from key stakeholders within the sector in regard to their Solution,
  2. gradually receive relevant information in regard to funding, creating a basis for future matchmaking. 

At the final event, the participating teams with their Solutions will be ranked and the top-3 be awarded Seals of Excellence. 

Download here theRules for Participation.

Additional information about the process, participating stakeholders, benefits of participating and events dates, locations and other details will be posted on this webpage.


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