08.03.2017. THMT-18 - 9th International Symposium on Turbulence, Heat and Mass Transfer

Dear Colleague,


The International Centre for Heat and Mass Transfer is pleased to announce THMT-18, 9th International Symposium on Turbulence, Heat and Mass Transfer, that will take place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, during 10-13 July, 2018.

The 1st Announcement and Call for Papers of the symposium is attached. You may find detailed information on the Web site: www.thmt-18.org . Please feel free to pass this on to all interested parties.


   With best regards,


   Faruk ARINC

   Secretary General, ICHMT


Important dates:

Receipt of Abstracts: January 14, 2018

Notification of acceptance: February 18, 2018

Receipt of the final manuscript: April 15, 2018

Symposium in Rio de Janeiro: July 10-13, 2018 


Casa do Colégio Brasileiro de Altos Estudos (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro)

"College of Advanced Studies of UFRJ"

Avenida Rui Barbosa 762

22250-020, Flamengo, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


General Information

The 9th triennial symposium, after Lisbon (1994), Delft (1997), Nagoya (2000), Antalya (2003),

Dubrovnik (2006), Rome (2009), Palermo (2012) and Sarajevo (2015), will provide an opportunity for scientists and engineers to present and discuss recent advances, current issues and future prospects in heat and mass transfer associated with turbulence. Major topics and trends will be introduced by internationally recognized keynote speakers.

Organizing Committee

A.P. Silva Freire (Chairman), Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

K. Hanjalic (Co-Chairman), Delft University of Technology, NL

K. Suga (Co-Chairman), Osaka Prefecture University, Japan

B. Basara, AVL, Austria

D. Borello, Sapienza University of Rome, Italy

S. Benhamadouche, EDF, Chatou/Paris, France

R.M. Cotta, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

C.M. Casciola, Sapienza University of Rome, Italy

S.S. Girimaji, Texas A&M University, USA

S. Jakirlic, Darmstadt Univ. Techn., Germany

B.E. Launder, University of Manchester, UK

D. Markovich, ITP SB RAS/NSU, Russia

I. Marusic, University of Melbourne, Australia 

L. Moriconi, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

F. T. Pinho, Oporto University, Portugal

A. Pollard, Queen's University, Canada

B. Rosic, Oxford University, UK

A. Silveira Neto, University of Uberlandia, Brazil

S. Sarkar, Univ. of California, San Diego, USA

M. Tanahashi, Tokyo Inst. of Techn., Japan


1. Fundamentals

2. Experimental Techniques

3. RANS Methods

4. DNS and LES Studies

5. Combined RANS and LES

6. Turbulence and Buoyancy

7. Impingement, Separation, Rotation

8. Compressibility and High Speed Flows

9. Mixing

10. Combustion and Reacting Flows

11. Electro-conductive Fluids & MHD

12. Flow and Heat Transfer Control

13. Turbulence in Non-Newtonian Fluid Flow

14. Turbulence in Microchannels

15. Multiphase Flow

16. Environmental and Geophysical Flows

17. Energy

18. Industrial Applications

19. Special Topics



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