09.10.2017. REMOO - 2018 International Conference & Workshop

REMOO International Conference & Workshop is the international annual platform where experts, researchers, professionals, industry leaders and investors meet and exchange knowledge and experiences on complex, multi- and crossdisciplinary field of energy.

Invited Plenary, Panel and Keynote Speeches given by eminent international experts present state of affairs and up to date issues of the most importance for the energy sector.

REMOO Conference is the place to go, network and take away the knowledge and information you need.

Tracks & Topics

T01 Power Plants Technologies and Engineering
T02 Advanced Energy Concepts and Technologies
T03 Materials and Structural Analyses
T04 Mathematical Modelling &Computer Simulations
T05 Heat & Mass Transfer and Turbulence
T06 Experimental Support and Techniques
T07 Data Analysis
T08 Energy Storage
T09 Electrical Grids
T10 Commodities / Energy Mix & Environmental Eng.
T11 Energy Management
T12 System Safety and Cyber Security
T13 Regulations / Legislations / Collaboration
T14 Investments and Production Costs




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