14.02.2020. Nomination form for 2019 ICHMT Fellowship Award

Dear Members of

- the Executive Committee,

- Scientific Council,

- General Assembly and

- Honors and Awards Committee of ICHMT


       I am sending you the nomination form for 2019 ICHMT Fellowship Award

   Please note that you can supplement your proposal for nomination with a written justification (on a separate sheet). Then: 

- All this information will be presented to the approval of the Executive Committee possibly by an email ballot;

- Another ballot will then be proposed to the Honors and Awards Committee, the results of which will be formalized during the ensuing meeting of the Executive Committee; 

- Finally, the Award will be given during an ICHMT symposium or another appropriate scientific event. 


   Please note the following rule: 


  ICHMT Fellows are elected from ICHMT members in recognition of administrative or organizational services provided to the Centre such as successful organization of international symposia or advanced courses, contributions to ICHMT publishing activities or long and active service on the Executive Committee or Scientific Council. Up to two Fellowships may be awarded each year. 

   Please send your forms (one for each nominee) to me, preferably by email or fax, no later than end of 1st of April 2020. 


  With best regards, 

   Prof. Dr. Ilker Tari

   Secretary General, ICHMT

   Mechanical Engineering Department, E-104

   Middle East Technical University

   06800 Cankaya, Ankara, Turkey

   Email: ilker@ichmt.org



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