22.06.2018. International Symposium on "Radiative Transfer IX"

Dear Colleague,

   Attached please find the first announcement and call for papers of the ICHMT's International Symposium on "Radiative Transfer IX", to be held in Athens, Greece, on 3-7 June, 2019.

   Please circulate this announcement to others who might be interested in attending.


   For full information about RAD-19, please see the Web site, http://www.ichmt.org/rad-19/

   With best regards,

   Prof.Dr. Faruk Arinc

   Secretary-General, ICHMT



The 9th International Symposium on Radiative Transfer, RAD-19

Titania Hotel, Athens, Greece

3 – 7 June, 2019

For further information, see: http://www.ichmt.org/rad-19

The 9th International Symposium on Radiative Transfer (RAD-19) will be held in the Titania Hotel in Athens, Greece from June 3 - 7, 2019 (with registration open on June 2).  RAD-19 is built on the success of eight previous Radiation Symposia held in Kusadasi, 1995, 1997, in Antalya, 2001, in Istanbul, 2004, in Bodrum, 2007, in Antalya, 2010, in Kusadasi, 2013, and Cappadocia, 2016.  As before, the main objective of the Symposium is to bring together scientists and engineers involved in radiative transfer research and to provide a relaxed atmosphere for in-depth discussion of theory, experiments, and applications.  The Symposium will also serve as the formal presentation venue for the 2018 Elsevier Poynting Award on Radiative Transfer and Viskanta Young Scientist Award.


A wide range of topics related to classical and emerging areas of radiative transfer and their applications will be covered, including:

- Novel numerical, analytical and hybrid techniques for the solution of radiation transfer equation in multidimensional and complex geometries.

- Radiative transfer in optically complex media (anisotropic properties, graded index, etc.)

- Advanced radiative transfer models for industrial and combustion system including furnaces, IC engines, gas turbines.

- Radiative properties of gases, particles, agglomerates and non-homogenous structures.

- Interaction of radiation with conduction, convection, turbulence, chemical kinetics, and soot formation.

- Inverse solution techniques in radiation applications.

- Innovative application of radiative transfer for improved manufacturing processes.

- Fundamentals and applications of radiative transfer to remote sensing.

- Radiative transfer in atmospheres and oceans.

- Biomedical applications of radiation transfer.

- Nano- and micro-scale radiative transfer.

- Radiative transfer-based diagnostic systems.


The Symposium will have both oral and poster presentations.

Research communications are strictly limited to maximum 8 pagesand must clearly state the purpose, the findings, and the originality of their contribution. Acceptance for oral presentations will be based on peer review of these communications.  Communications accepted for presentation will be published by Begell House, Inc., in a proceedings volume and will be available in the form of flash memory disks to the participants at the registration.

After the conference, authors of contributed papers will have the opportunity to submit an improved/enhanced version of their work, still based on their presentation content. These submissions will be considered for publication in a special issue of the Journal of Quantitative Spectroscopy and Radiative Transfer, after undergoing a new review process.

The Symposium will also include poster sessions to allow researchers to discuss their most recent work in a relaxed atmosphere.  Selection for the poster session will be based on one-page abstracts only, and no further text is required for the posters.  The abstracts for poster presentations will be included in the proceedings. 

All authors are expected to send their contributed papers or abstracts (for posters) in camera-ready format (in pdf and as a MS-Word document) electronically. The guidelines for preparing camera-ready papers can be found on the Symposium website, http://www.ichmt.org/rad-19.


Full Papers:

January 15, 2019         Electronic copies manuscripts, maximum 8 pages, to be sent to B. W. Webb 

March 15, 2019            Notification of acceptance

April 15, 2019               Final, camera-ready manuscripts (in pdf and MS Word document) to B. W. Webb

May 1, 2019                 Registration fee and hotel room charges to ICHMT Secretariat


April 1, 2019                 Electronic copies of 1-page Abstracts to B. W. Webb                      

April 15, 2019               Notification of acceptance

May 1, 2019                 Final, camera-ready extended abstracts in pdf and doc format (to ICHMT Secretariat)           

May 1, 2019                 Registration fee and hotel room charges (to ICHMT Secretariat)






For full information about the Symposium, see


or write to Brent Webb and Denis Lemonnier (Symposium Co-Chairs) or to Faruk Arinç (Symposium Secretary)

            Prof. Brent W. Webb

            Symposium Co-Chair

            Brigham Young University

            435S CTB

            Provo, UT 84602 USA

            Tel:  +01 801-422-6543

            Fax:  +01 801-422-0516

            E-mail: webb@byu.edu

            Dr. Denis Lemonnier

            Symposium Co-Chair

            ISAE-ENSMA, BP 40109

            86961 Futuroscope Chasseneuil Cedex, France

            Tel:  +33 5 4949 81 16

            Fax:  +33 5 49 49 81 01

            E-mail: denis.lemonnier@ensma.fr

            Prof. Faruk Arinç

            ICHMT Secretary-General

            Mechanical Engineering Department

            Middle East Technical University

            06800 Ankara, Turkey

            Tel: +90 312 210 5214

            Fax: +90 312 210 1429

            E-mail: farinc@ichmt.org




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