06.10.2020. 13th International Conference for Energy and Climate Change + 7th Green Energy Investments Forum

1st DAY (7/10)

2nd + 3rd DAY (9/10)


PART of the Final Draft agenda

Keynote speakers

Mr. Spyridon-Adonis GEORGIADIS, Minister of Developments & Investments, Greece

Mr. Kostas FRAGOGIANNIS, Deputy Minister for Economic Diplomacy and Openness, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Greece

Mr. Ramu DAMODARAN, Chief of the United Nations Academic Impact

Prof. Asaf HALIYEV, Secretary General of PABSEC

H.E. David DONDUA, Amb. of Georgia to the Hellenic Republic

H.E. Anatol VANGELI, Amb. of the Republic of Moldova to the Hellenic Republic

H.E. Burak ÖZÜGERGİN Amb. of Turkey to the Hellenic Republic

H.E. Sergii SHUTENKO, Amb. of Ukraine to the Hellenic Republic

Policy interventions

Prof. Edoardo CROCI, Bocconi University, Italy

Prof. Andonaq Londo LAMANI, Polytechnic University of Tirana, Albania

Prof. Haji MALIKOV, Geotechnological Problems of Oil, Gas and Chemistry, Azerbaijan

Prof. Anca POPESCU, ISPE Design and Consulting, Romania

Prof. Dejan IVEZIC, University of Belgrade, Serbia

Speakers from BSTDB, Hellenic Development Bank, Alpha Bank, UNECE, Covenant of Mayors, RAE, ResCoop, DAFNI Network, Regional Governments and Municipalities

PART of the Draft agenda

Keynote speakers

Mr. Christos DIMAS, Deputy Minister of Research and Technology, Greece

Mrs. Vaya PITELI, PRAXI Network, Greece

Prof. Ioannis BARTZIS, National Representative for COST   - “COST“ 

Mr. Nikos PSIMMENOS, Greek Life Task Force - “LIFE Program”

Mrs. Konstantina AGRA, Green Fund - “Funding opportunities - Green Fund”

Mr. Benjamin STRUSS, EUKI - “Funding Programme European Climate Initiative  (EUKI)"

Prof. Peter BRAESICKE,  European Climate Research Alliance”

The whole event is organized virtually 

For more details look at https://promitheasconference.wordpress.com/

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